Master Ventures is proud to announce our investment in Decubate: a community-powered investment platform for blockchain projects.

Master Ventures’ investment philosophy is simple: to enable a better future for the entire human race through the blockchain. It’s why we invest in projects that can truly revolutionize not only the industry but how the financial system works as a whole. We strongly believe in every business we invest in, and lend our know-how to develop them further, help them grow, and prepare them for potential mass adoption.

Decubate Elevates Blockchain’s Startup Game

The cryptocurrency bull run of 2021 has attracted a…

We are proud to announce our investment in, the multi-chain marketplace to create, buy, sell, and resell NFTs, secured by blockchain technology and powered by the HOD token.

Current Issues in the NFT Marketplace

The NFT market tripled in 2020, with the total value of transactions surpassing 299% year on year, amounting to more than $250m. This kind of growth shows the significance of the market itself and how popular it has become with investors, enthusiasts, and creators.

However, NFTs as a digital asset class are still in their infancy. The platforms that currently support trading them are very…

It is with great pleasure that Master Venture announces to our community the latest investment in our portfolio: 2Crazy

One industry that is truly symbolic of the exponential growth currently experienced, and projected to explode with even more haste in the years to come is the Esports and online gaming market.

Gaming, and specifically the Esports market, is enjoying a boom quite like no other. The term ‘Esports’ is characterized by regional or international video gaming events, in which a mix of professional and amateur players compete against each other. The growth of this initial niche community has been mesmerizing.

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Demodyfi, an automatic market maker decentralized exchange on Moonbeam.

At Master Ventures, we delight in propelling innovative blockchain projects to greatness. Our goal is to extract every ounce of transformative potential from visionary innovators who base their work on blockchain and other technologies that challenge the status quo. MV’s primary objective is to fast-track the mass adoption of these technologies by empowering them through our ecosystem to help them grow into disruptive platforms that enhance our present and future living conditions.

Connecting traditional and decentralized finance

The widespread success of traditional finance…

We are proud to announce our investment in NFTify — the Shopify for NFTs, allowing small businesses to create their own digital NFT asset stores without coding.

The NFT Market has taken the world by storm.

The NFT market has grown in popularity significantly in 2021 and is currently valued at over $250 million, making it an essential part of the overall crypto and blockchain industry. Today, many individuals all over the world are no stranger to the concept of minting, buying, and trading these digital assets on existing third-party platforms and marketplaces such as OpenSea or Raribles. …

We are delighted to announce our investment in the first-of-its-kind DeFi hack mitigation platform, Lossless.

At Master Ventures, we believe in empowering projects that have transformative potential in their respective application areas. We invest in and work with projects founded on blockchain and other disruptive technologies, using our innovation to help them grow and scale them for mass adoption, giving them the potential of improving the way we live and interact.

Freezing Fraudulent transactions

The true potential of blockchain technology was displayed in 2020 as the DeFi market proliferated. By allowing users to control their finances and privacy directly, it…

We are proud to announce our investment in Hypersign, a decentralized identity & security solution that is simple to use, fast to deploy, and stores user data in a manner that is ONLY accessible by the owner and its intended recipients.

Based on public key cryptography, Hypersign’s cutting-edge Access Management Infrastructure enables users to securely access applications (web apps and DApps) without providing their access credentials [usernames and passwords].

Problems facing Employee and Consumer Identity & Access Management (IAM) models in 2021

In the globalized world we live in today, one that is connected by the infrastructure of the internet…

We are proud to announce our investment in MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content), a blockchain-managed license, trading, and sales platform for high-quality video content creators and consumers.

MILC is a project that is focussing on revolutionizing the media industry to provide an open marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain, and AI technology.

Universal problems faced by the Global Media Industry

Content is everywhere and in 2020 is a more significant part of our lives than it ever has been. Today’s need for good content by individuals and businesses makes it a valuable digital commodity that is evolving fast in…

We are proud to announce our investment in Cryption Network, a collection of crypto products that aims to make crypto easy for the average retail investor.

Cryption Network is building a suite of products to make investing in crypto easier that will simultaneously create an Ecosystem that will create buying pressure on its native token, CNT.

Users will be able to swap, farm, invest, and predict with Cryption’s unique, easy-to-use DeFi 2.0 products.

The Current Barriers to Entering the Crypto Market

There have never been more people looking to get involved in crypto than there is now. At the time…

We are proud to announce our investment in Mozik, a decentralized music NFT platform that aims to build a healthier and fairer music ecosystem.

Mozik is building the largest global decentralized music platform that leverages blockchain technology to create a system of incentives and rewards for artists and creators alongside improving transparency and reducing transaction costs.

Mozik is also included in our FUEL incubation program allowing us to work closely with the team.

The current economic problem in the Music Industry

Music is everywhere and is accessed more effortlessly than ever before since the creation of the Internet. Today, the…

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