Market Cycles in the Cryptocurrency Industry

The Concept of a Market Cycle

The Cryptocurrency Market Cycle

Phase 1: Accumulation Phase

Phase 2: Markup Phase

Phase 3: Distribution Phase

Phase 4: Markdown Phase

Understanding the Trend

A Word on Smart vs Dumb Money

  • Smart money: early-movers, rational investors, well-informed speculators, and financial professionals including VCs and funds that typically enter and exit markets based on facts, trends, data analysis, fundamentals, and forward-thinking projections.
  • Dumb money: newbies, irrational, and non-professional investors who tend to trade markets without a structured plan or strategy based on hype, baseless speculation, and incomplete or inaccurate data/preconceptions.

The Super Cycle Hypothesis

Don’t Worry About the Current Stage of the Cycle



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