Scaling Blockchains with Rollups

What Are Rollups?

Optimistic rollups (ORs)

zk-rollups (ZKRs)

Benefits of Rollups

The Rollup Landscape is Expanding

Optimistic rollups:

  • Arbitrum: Built by Offchain labs, Arbitrum was the first optimistic rollup solution to market, and is currently by far the most successfully optimistic rollup platform — with a TVL of more than $2 billion (more than all other competitors combined). A wide variety of popular DApps now work with Arbitrum, including 1inch, Balancer, Curve, Uniswap, and more.
  • Optimism: One of the fastest developing Ethereum layer-2 solutions, Optimism uses ORs to dramatically improve Ethereum’s scalability. The platform boasts one of the simplest user experiences and is fully compatible with the EVM, allowing developers to easily deploy their DApps to Optimism without modifications. Like Arbitrum, Optimism doesn’t have its own native token, instead, all transaction fees are settled in Optimism-native ETH.
  • Boba Network: Boba Network is built on the Optimism codebase and is designed to help improve the capabilities of Ethereum — providing it with hybrid compute capabilities while dramatically improving scalability and gas costs. The platform is one of the fastest rollup solutions in operation, and leverages community-contributed liquidity pools to enable L2 exits in just minutes, rather than days.


  • zkSync: One of the most popular ZK rollups, zkSync aims to solve Ethereum’s scalabilities issues while remaining completely secure and inclusive. The platform is currently capable of handling 2,000+ tps and offers 10-minute finality while boosting privacy and keeping fees low. zkSync is one of the few rollup platforms to support smart contracts but is only partially decentralized right now.
  • Hermez: Part of the Polygon ecosystem, Hermez is designed to minimize the cost of transferring tokens on Ethereum. The platform uses zero-knowledge technology to reduce transaction costs by more than 90% and can batch more than 2,000 transactions into a single validity proof committed to the Ethereum main chain.
  • Immutable-X: Primarily designed for NFT platforms, Immutable-X allows users to easily trade their NFTs on its high-speed layer-2 platform with zero gas fees. The platform is capable of achieving 9,000+ tps and also supports the minting of carbon-neutral NFTs that can be migrated to Ethereum without hassles.

Why Are Rollups Growing in Popularity?

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