Why We Invested in 2Crazy

It is with great pleasure that Master Venture announces to our community the latest investment in our portfolio: 2Crazy

One industry that is truly symbolic of the exponential growth currently experienced, and projected to explode with even more haste in the years to come is the Esports and online gaming market.

Gaming, and specifically the Esports market, is enjoying a boom quite like no other. The term ‘Esports’ is characterized by regional or international video gaming events, in which a mix of professional and amateur players compete against each other. The growth of this initial niche community has been mesmerizing.

A plethora of issues has led to disenchantment and loss of crucial revenue streams

Despite the tremendous growth enjoyed by the Esports community, the development has not been without its problems. The two significant stakeholders who are crucial to the overall health and sustainability of the Esports industry are the players and online gaming operators.

But both are suffering from issues that are causing friction and distrust in the eyes of the other. Throughout the history of Esports, there has always been a continuous attempt by the online gaming platforms to focus on marketing instead of the actual players. This strategy has resulted in explosive growth for Esports as a whole but led to a lack of faith in the gaming operators from the players, and now an increasingly disillusioned new millennial generation, who will be vital for the sustained growth for Esports.

Over the years, the players have continually had distrust towards the gaming operators. The lack of focus on them has led to outdated games and a more inferior gaming experience. To further compound the matter, players are not getting the total exposure their efforts deserve, and the push marketing strategy has created unclear terms and conditions.

All factors combine for reputational damage to the gaming operators. Fraud and specifically match-fixing is a significant issue plaguing the industry, leading to a raft of fines, penalties, and even delicensing of operators.

The perfect synergy of NFTs and the gaming ecosystem

2Crazy is the antithesis of the problems shared above. By providing a new renewed focus on making the players at the center of the platform, they can strike a perfect balance between all the key participant’s needs in the ecosystem.

Placing a particular emphasis on the players, 2Crazy can provide acceptable solutions to the two critical facets of massive importance to players: gaming and earnings.

2Crazy’s games will have a tunnel-eye focus on the player’s overall gaming experience, making sure they enjoy preferable betting terms while fully appreciating that enchanting gaming atmosphere. 2Crazy’s rich and vivid gaming experience will allow for the total enjoyment that players crave.

Complementing the gaming will be the ability for the players to be fully and fairly compensated for their efforts. 2Crazy created an incentive system to make it worthwhile for the gamers to continue using the 2Crazy platform.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be incorporated into the 2Crazy ecosystem and have a vital role to play. The explosion of NFTs this year has been the flagship story for the blockchain industry, and 2Crazy will allow for NFTs to create more opportunities for alternative wealth generation.

Imagine the opportunity to play Fortnite with or against Ninja, one of the industry’s most well-known gamers, streamed live to millions of viewers. Or how about FaZe Clan in a Call of Duty session? Sounds interesting right?

With 2Crazy it’s possible. Here’s one example of how. First, 2Crazy announces a ‘2Crazy x … NFT’. There will be an auction on the platform, where you can purchase at the asking price or make an offer by placing a bid (with $2CRAZY tokens). If you win, the NFT “tied to the player” becomes yours. Thus, you’ll be able to play with (or against) your idol(s) in games that are live-streamed for the entire world to witness. Since you’re part of an exclusive group that owns this NFT, you can also decide to resell or trade the NFT you’re holding on the 2Crazy platform as you please.

While an immersive gaming platform is crucial, the ability to smoothly and instantaneously receive earnings is paramount. 2Crazy will immediately payout all gamers and gamblers’ winnings, and this includes all lottery winners too.

There is also a buy-back program designed to incentivize sharing platform profits in fiat with the players. 2Crazy periodically purchases its tokens from players to market their tokens and distribute them to stakers.

Why we invested

In 2021, the global Esports market was valued at $1.08 billion. To put this growth into perspective- that figure was a 50% increase from 2020. Moving forward, the Esports market is projected to grow to a further $3.5 billion by 2025.

Master Ventures has a well-deserved reputation for spotting the best innovators and disruptors in their field of specialty, so to invest in 2Crazy with its burgeoning credentials and be a part of such a fast-growing significant industry was a no-brainer.

A quick scan of the online gaming and Esports platforms show a picture of rocket-fueled growth but still glaring discrepancies between gaming experience and fair compensation for the efforts provided. Using blockchain technology to leverage decentralized structure to their operations, 2Crazy has the best credentials to transform the Esports world and ensure that those who deserve the most are provided with their just rewards.

About 2Crazy

2crazy is a blockchain-based Esports & gaming platform with a wide range of popular collections of best games online. Users can enthusiastically participate in live games, jackpots, and casinos. They are also building a unique NFT gambling platform with unique governance rewards and reward distribution mechanisms. 2crazy is significantly contributing to driving the NFT space to fuel mainstream adoption.

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