Why We Invested in Ally

We are proud to announce our investment in Ally, a software company empowering the direct-to-consumer revolution.

Ally allows businesses to find customers, take orders, connect with delivery drivers, and manage payments without ever paying a penny in commissions.

Supply Chain Efficiency, Third-Party Marketplaces, and Unnecessary Costs

Connectivity is one of the most critical aspects of business and society in general. It is the core part of how national and international commerce structures function in order to provide a system that enables products to travel from businesses to consumers efficiently.

Today, to compete and provide a convenient and efficient user experience for consumers, many businesses must rely on third-party marketplaces to deliver products to their clients. On the one hand, such marketplaces are significant as they connect businesses with products that can then be sold to customers. However, on the other hand, they are known to charge companies that use them a healthy commission to do this, which makes companies raise the prices of products on offer and restricts them from reaching their true financial potential as the fees they must pay to third-party providers are significant.

Once a product is shipped from a third-party marketplace, it can often be the case that delivery drivers must also pay a commission for every delivery they complete. This leaves drivers, who are the lowest-earning links of this supply chain structure, making less revenue and needing to complete more deliveries to increase their profits.

What is Ally, and How Does it Work?

Ally is a SaaS system that provides a series of solutions to optimize the relationship between businesses, drivers, and consumers while disrupting the power that third-party providers currently have over these existing relationships and processes.

Ally’s underlying software currently connects over 1000 businesses in the US directly with consumers without needing to use third-party marketplaces. By utilizing Ally’s software, companies and consumers can benefit in several distinct ways. Firstly, businesses have more control over consumer data as Ally allows them to access and store this directly. This gives companies further capabilities to strengthen their future sales and marketing strategies. Secondly, it enables businesses to charge less for the products on offer as they are charged no additional fees and commissions per product but rather a very low monthly fee to use Ally as a service. Thirdly, it creates more profits for businesses by eliminating high costs currently in place and generating more revenue while simultaneously creating a market environment where customers pay less.

In addition to this, Ally gives businesses access to 90,000 drivers across the US to work more independently and earn more. By following the motto “Make more, drive less!” drivers are not required to pay a commission per product. If a customer pays $10 for delivery and leaves a $2 tip, the driver keeps the full $12 dollars. Moreover, a driver pays a monthly fee of just $100 for the software, if they make at least $1,000 through the Ally app. Consumers can also track their drivers and deliveries in real-time using the Ally Portal.

The Ally NFT Generator

In addition to providing a robust SaaS system to aid business, consumer, and supply chain relationships and processes, the team behind Ally is also working on deploying an NFT creation tool to allow anyone to create their own NFTs and Collections without any prior knowledge.

By utilizing Ally’s NFT generation tool, users can create collections, sell them on any marketplace, integrate them with their existing shopping experiences, control minting, distribution, and more.

Why We Invested?

Ally is a software system that we at Master Ventures believe can disrupt the influence that third-party marketplaces have over the supply chain and business/consumer relationships and improve them to benefit all parties economically.

By streamlining a more favorable fee structure alongside software that provides a more personal business relationship to develop between a company and consumer, Ally gives more control to businesses to directly handle their processes and relationships. In this way, they have much more power and can also scale up and strategize accordingly without worrying about arising problems faced through the use of third-party marketplaces.

As a system currently being used in the US by many top companies, Ally is being tried and tested in one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. This leaves it with much space to grow and become a global name and software that redefines how commerce and logistics work together.

We are also excited to see how Ally becomes involved in the NFT space and what kind of contribution it can make to the advancement of this tech, alongside the impact it’s unique solution could have in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

About Ally

Over 1,000 Businesses and over 90,000 drivers across the US are already saving thousands in commissions each month by leveraging Ally to build direct relationships with customers. Stop relying on third-party marketplaces for your customer orders!

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