We are excited to announce our investment in ArGo, a git-based web hosting platform that helps users build modern websites on the Arweave permaweb.

ArGo caught our eye because it aims to enhance the serverless web deployment market and beat current solutions out there by offering users a scalable, user-friendly and reliable system to create and deploy decentralized applications, websites and platforms.

Gearing decentralized web hosting towards mass adoption

The internet has now been a huge part of our lives for quite some time, dating back over 30 years. However, a large portion of it is controlled by centralized powers such as governments and corporations that can censor information and content when they see fit. Such actions restrict the core fundamentals of democracy and put a cap on the true potential of the internet as a fluid source of all information.

To counter the control of centralized powers, decentralized web hosting platforms have emerged in recent years. Such platforms utilize the power of blockchain to deliver reliable sources of information that are not censored, are more private and secure for the user, and also cheaper to build on.

However, these very decentralized solutions face several challenges themselves, restricting them from reaching mass adoption. This is because users have to familiarize themselves with new underlying technologies, the existing platforms do not generally provide a great user experience, and the space lacks developer-friendly tools for creators to work with.

Enter ArGo — the decentralized deployment and management platform for modern javascript applications and static web sites.

ArGo is a project we truly believe in because of its primary goal to solve the challenges that decentralized web services face today so that a free, uncensored and secure internet can be achieved and adopted by the masses.

The ArGo platform is built on the Arweave Permaweb, a novel data storage blockchain protocol that enables a permanent serverless web and data storage system for the first time. However, building directly on Arweave can be tricky, which is where ArGo comes in, acting as the “middleware” allowing devs to create applications on Arweave with ease through an intuitive user interface.

Establishing True Permanence on the Internet

ArGo has been developed with the vision of establishing true permanence on the internet without any censorship. Websites, Apps and Platforms built on ArGo will be fully decentralized, and the low costs involved will liberate users from the number of downsides of expensive centralized solutions, saving them money on things like web server hosting fees, security and database costs. Instead, with ArGo, users will be charged a one-time deployment fee that will buy them the permanence of their online data and allow them to put their business or ideas on the internet without ever having to lose them.

Why We Invested?

The market for serverless internet architecture-based applications is expected to grow from USD 7.6 billion in 2020 to USD 21.1 billion by 2025 at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.7%. This growth is combined with the rising awareness of the benefits of such systems that boast access to uncompromised information, increased process agility and reduced operational costs.

Freedom of information and counteracting censorship are two of the biggest problems in today’s real use of the internet. In order to live in a truly free world, we need undisputed and uncompromised information sources, which is what the internet originally set out to be before it was subject to restrictions posed by the influence of governments and the monopolization of hosting services from private corporations.

The ArGo platform hopes to recreate the internet by providing an uncensored solution for the future of the internet alongside a more cost-effective model for individuals and businesses both to benefit from.

We believe that ArGo can emerge as a clear solution that will solve many of the existing problems found today and pave the way for a decentralized internet to be established alongside one that is “true” in its nature. If successful, this will encourage developers and businesses beyond the global crypto community to utilize decentralized hosting as their hosting platforms in the future.

About Argo

ArGo is a web hosting platform that allows its users to build modern websites on the Arweave permaweb, a protocol that decentralizes the internet — the platform stores data using Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs).

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