Why We Invested In Globe

We are very proud to announce our investment in Globe and be part of the platform’s $3 million seed round, backed by Y Combinator, Pantera Capital, Tim Draper’s Draper Dragon Fund, and Wave Financial.

Globe is the “Coinbase for derivatives,” where individuals and institutions can trade digital currencies like bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts.

Master Ventures is a Venture Studio that believes in radically transforming the way our species lives and operates on our planet through blockchain and other disruptive technologies. We invest in projects we believe in to use our expertise and know-how to develop them further, make them grow, and scale them for potential mass adoption.

Globe is an enhanced Derivatives Solution for the Crypto Industry

Globe is a next-generation cryptocurrency platform that is focused on creating a new crypto financial system, and it’s a one-of-a-kind project that we have a lot of interest in. This is because it adds much-needed value to the crypto trading industry due to its focus on “derivatives trading,” giving both institutions and consumers the chance to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin via perpetual futures and options contracts with up to 100x leverage.

Unlike a traditional spot trading market, trades are not settled instantly in derivatives and perpetual futures markets. Instead, by applying such a trading method, an exchange of payment between buyers and sellers is agreed via a “contract” and is based upon how the future price is trading in relation to the underlying spot price. By using such contracts, traders are not buying or selling the digital asset directly. Rather, they are trading a representative contract of it where the asset’s actual trading will take place when the contract has been exercised.

Innovative Features of Globe

Globe aims to provide a reliable, trustworthy, scalable and fast trading experience to draw more institutional investors into the cryptocurrency trading space. The exchange has been built with a proprietary order-matching and risk engine called Thor which rivals Nasdaq for its latency and throughput. The technology behind Thor was built by engineers from major financial services firms including JPMorgan Chase, BofA Securities, Citibank, UBS and Getco.

Moreover, what makes Globe unique is their focus on innovation. A great example of this is where the team have invented bitcoin VIX (XBTVIX) that gives users the possibility to trade implied volatility as a distinct asset class. Globe’s XBTVIX relies on gathering bidding and asking quotes for options expiring between 23 and 37 days from the current point in time and reverses the volatility implied by the options prices with a structured system designed to settle on a 30-day forward-looking implied volatility.

Providing a Secure Trading environment

Security for clients is a main priority at Globe, where the exchange offers users maximum protection of their Bitcoin funds by storing them in cold, multi-signature wallets. Using the multi-signature wallet model, an added layer of security is provided as authorization is needed from 2 or more of the wallet owners to process transactions.

Withdrawals, Trading and Profits

All transactions on Globe are based on Bitcoin including deposits and withdrawals and profits and losses. Moreover, the leverage functionality will allow traders to use large amounts of capital with very small initial investments. The company has also already expressed its interest in onboarding fiat options for deposits and withdrawals in the future.

Globe is already up and running and can be found here. (insert link)

Why We Invested in Globe

Derivative trading volume has surpassed spot trading, and this is a trend that is expected to continue for the future. With this in mind, Globe self dubbing itself as the “Coinbase for derivatives” has gotten the project a lot of attention and means we are not the only players in the industry looking at Globe as a groundbreaking solution for the derivatives market.

Globe is paving the way for more investment from institutional investors in the crypto space, which we consider valuable to the industry’s future. It is a robust and secure trading platform and enables users to make the same style of trades they would make in traditional markets adding an important element of familiarity between cryptocurrency trading and normal market trading.

We are excited to work alongside Globe in delivering a next-generation platform that will create a new crypto financial system and be the go-to place for institutional and private investors to trade cryptocurrency derivative and perpetual markets. Today, we see a wave of interest in crypto assets from banks, fintech companies, and portfolio managers. Globe will be the platform that these big market players need.

About Globe

Globe is a crypto derivatives exchange where institutions and consumers transact digital currencies like bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts. Perpetual futures are a derivative product that tracks the underlying index price. They’re in high demand as they enable hedging and risk management, short exposure and trading with leverage.

About FUEL

FUEL Incubation is a joint venture between Master Ventures and PAID. It is an incubation program that brings together Master Ventures’ combined 30+ years of blockchain and cryptocurrency experience and network of investors and advisors with PAID’s strategic marketing resources and its IDO sales platform, Ignition.

FUEL will supercharge Ignition projects by opening market access, building a project community, raising funds and building an investor and influencer network, as well as assisting in the construction of token economic models. From the same team that grew Elrond and Ultra, every new project incubated by FUEL will have the resources it needs to perform exceptionally.

FUEL does the groundwork for a project’s successful moon mission.

About Master Ventures

Master Ventures is a blockchain-focused Venture Studio, helping to build the next generation of blockchain-based Web 3.0 system innovations within the crypto industry. Launched in 2018 by Founder and CEO Kyle Chassé, the company’s ethos can best be summarized in the acronym #BeBOLD: Benevolent, Open, Love, Decentralized.

Master Ventures co-creates with entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide to turn the best ideas into innovative and disruptive products. They do this by investing as strategic partners through offering advisory services to the projects they believe in. To date, Master Ventures has invested in over 40 crypto projects including the likes of Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Reef, DAO Maker, Mantra DAO, Thorchain, and Elrond.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on:

Website: https://master.ventures/

Telegram: https://t.me/MasterVentures

Twitter: https://twitter.com/master_ventures

Interested in being part of Globe?
Whitelist for Globe’s IDO on Ignition : HERE




Website: master.ventures

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Master Ventures

Master Ventures

Website: master.ventures

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