Why We Invested in Kasta

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3 min readNov 5, 2021


We are proud to announce our recent investment in Kasta, an easy to use and innovative blockchain alternative to mainstream mobile payment services.

The Inefficiencies of Payments Services

In an increasingly globalized world, the obstacles to moving money across borders are complex. Even though there’s progress being made in financial technology that helps simplify things, the overall system is still subject to processes and existing solutions that can be time-consuming and costly. For example, payment providers such as Paypal have high transaction costs and massive commissions, and blockchain and crypto solutions, even though they are groundbreaking, still can have some limitations, including slow registration processes, a lack of diverse payments features, and poorly structured interfaces, generally leaving much room for improvement.

What is Kasta?

Kasta is a blockchain payments service provider with a twist. The platform is designed to be as easy to use as possible and packed with features that will efficiently allow the P2P transfer of wealth across borders. By using Kasta, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, convert them into other cryptos, and receive them in currencies of their choice; for example, someone can receive EUROs via Bitcoin. Users can also easily send and receive funds by scanning a QR code or to a mobile number.

Kasta’s simplicity, alongside its focus on creating a borderless world where users can send crypto free and instantaneously in the most secure way possible, is the project’s unique selling point. The team behind the platform also have plans to eventually incorporate debit card options for users, buy now pay later loans and opportunities to earn passive income through staking the $KASTA token, its native cryptocurrency utility token.

The Practicality and Usability of the Kasta App

Kasta’s vision for payments will be streamlined on a user-friendly mobile app with a simple interface that is easy to understand. Moreover, through its “easy swap engine” and robust on and off ramping features, the technology behind the app is being developed to create a world of crypto inclusivity. This will be achieved by giving users the ability to use their digital assets in the real world, and eventually obtain a debit card to utilise crypto to make live payments more efficiently and cost-effectively than previous models.

Why We Invested?

Creating a global environment of crypto inclusivity is a top priority for the blockchain industry en masse. In today’s world, and especially after the most recent wave of popularity that cryptocurrencies and blockchain products have received, it goes without saying that these technologies are here to stay, and they now must be incorporated into the real-world economy.

At Master Ventures, we are always on the lookout for projects and technologies that will disrupt existing systems that have monopolized global processes and infrastructures. Kasta is a project that aims to do just that by providing its own easy to use infrastructure that includes elements of traditional banking and cryptocurrency wallet solutions to create a hybrid payments service that aims to enable fast and efficient payments in a borderless world. We have not only invested in the project but are working closely with the team to deliver this reality.

About Kasta

Kasta is a blockchain alternative to mainstream mobile payment services. Our platform makes P2P payments easy, simple, and accessible. As we transition into a crypto-based economy, Kasta provides the market convenience necessary for cross-border payments on a global scale. Through our platform, we aim for globalized cryptocurrency adoption, improving the functionality of financial services.

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