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We are proud to announce our investment in MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content), a blockchain-managed license, trading, and sales platform for high-quality video content creators and consumers.

MILC is a project that is focussing on revolutionizing the media industry to provide an open marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain, and AI technology.

Universal problems faced by the Global Media Industry

Content is everywhere and in 2020 is a more significant part of our lives than it ever has been. Today’s need for good content by individuals and businesses makes it a valuable digital commodity that is evolving fast in its nature and is always in demand. However, universal problems that include the discovery of video content, licensing, availability, and access restrict the market’s potential and do not efficiently serve the relationship between creators and consumers in a number of ways.

Content laws are not standardized; contract laws differ from country to country, and time, money, and energy are wasted from relationships and agreements that go sour. Moreover, the current marketplace of content producers, owners, and consumers is frustrated by non-standardized licensing. This has led to distrust in the ecosystem, making it a playground for intermediaries to invent ways to increase the price of pieces of content without adding additional value.

Balancing the Media Industry for Creators and Consumers alike

MILC is developed by Welt der Wunder, a media brand with 25 years of experience and presence in the business world with one thing in mind, and that is to balance the media industry to make it an equal place for consumers and producers alike. Envisioned by creating a marketplace that allows professional and non-professional content creators to communicate directly over projects, MILC could fundamentally emerge as a driving force for reform in the media industry as it will limit and combat the power of middlemen brokers and agents that exploit interests and frustrate the market.

Through its digital infrastructure powered by blockchain and AI, the MILC platform aims to disrupt the media industry to deliver cutting-edge and high-quality broadcasts to users and solve four fundamental challenges. By using the platform, consumers, distributors, and producers can develop their business relationships directly with one another, discover each other’s services, leave feedback, and sign standardized licensing agreements created and protected by smart contracts. Payments can take place directly on the platform by using fiat or the MLT utility token, which will also be used to create a system of rewards and benefits where holders will be granted governance, investment, and staking privileges exclusive to the MILC platform.

Why We Invested?

As we live in a world that values content highly, it goes without saying that the media industry is a vital part of our lives. However, just like many industries that predate efficient technologies, ideas, and systems, the media industry is just another one to name that has not changed with time and is on a course for disruption.

This is why MILC is a project that has our full support. As the aims behind its blockchain and AI-based solution platform will have the power to improve the media industry in its current form, take control away from intermediaries and brokers that inflate and frustrate the market, and provide creators and consumers with an efficient one-stop-shop for requests, agreements, and settlements alongside a desire to push boundaries and develop groundbreaking video content solutions.

In 2020, the global media market reached a value of nearly $1,713 billion and is expected to grow to $2,670.7 billion in 2025 at a rate of 9.3%. This makes it a market with a high level of natural liquidity that does not financially serve all of its involved parties, especially the content creators and curators that arguably fuel it.

Primarily aiming at changing the focus of the global media industry with the use of new smart technologies that include blockchain and AI, MILC will aim to bridge the gap between creators, consumers, audiences, and distributors to not only ensure a more balanced and equal playing field but also create a media industry that has more integrity.

About MILC

MILC platform aims to provide the industry with an open new marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain and AI-technology which can become a game-changer for the entire media content industry. It solves four fundamentally important challenges of the global media industry: Global availability, Discovery process for Buyers, Complex licensing, and Early feedback from viewers. MILC has been developed by Welt der Wunder, a media brand with 25 years of experience in the business.

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