Why We Invested in NFTify

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4 min readMay 27, 2021


We are proud to announce our investment in NFTify — the Shopify for NFTs, allowing small businesses to create their own digital NFT asset stores without coding.

The NFT Market has taken the world by storm.

The NFT market has grown in popularity significantly in 2021 and is currently valued at over $250 million, making it an essential part of the overall crypto and blockchain industry. Today, many individuals all over the world are no stranger to the concept of minting, buying, and trading these digital assets on existing third-party platforms and marketplaces such as OpenSea or Raribles. These platforms have successfully brought the NFT market into the public domain.

However, many users would agree that they are quite basic and amateur, limited due to slow speeds, and lack overall focus for the products listed on them. By using these platforms, NFT creators are currently drowning in a sea of new NFT brands, from indie artists to space entrepreneurs, which makes it very hard for a brand to reach its specific target audience.

The Shopify for NFTs has arrived

NFTify is a next-generation NFT e-commerce platform with a core focus on providing a Shopify solution to the NFT marketplace. By utilizing the NFTify platform, shop owners will be able to customize their own NFT e-commerce shops by applying attractive themes and installing plugins to enhance appearance and functionality. This will enable them to custom make their shops easily and in a way that is similar to platforms like Shopify and WordPress.

NFTify utilizes next-generation blockchain technology grounded in the Polkadot ecosystem to streamline an advanced set of e-commerce tools so users can build powerful NFT brands and transact their digital assets with ease. Core features of the platform include an efficient and interconnected buyer and seller matching system that is intelligent and relevant. A transparent transaction system that is traceable and copyright protected and, a high focus on brand identity that will set it apart from existing platforms as it will allow NFT marketers to target their marketing campaigns at their chosen demographic and lead them directly to their custom made NFT store. Additionally, users will benefit from limitless earnings and monetization potential, self-learning search and matching tools, NFT copyright & copycat protection, and other advanced digital content solutions.

Why We Invested?

Investments in NFTs rose 299% in 2020, which represents an outstanding amount of growth. NFT’s will undoubtedly provide much value across many different industries as they are credible alternatives for revolutionizing information, asset distribution, and ownership. However, there is much room for improvement in the current marketplace and for platforms out there that allow users to transact these digital assets.

A central issue of the NFT marketplace is that everything is currently grouped together on a handful of platforms that do not serve the purpose of a growing industry. Moreover, there is a lack of focus on brand identity, making it challenging to promote and market NFTs to specific relevant demographics. Existing platforms such as Open Sea and Rareibles, for example, have done a great job in bringing NFT’s into the limelight, but they are limited in the ways that one can showcase NFTs. This is why NFTify is innovative, as it will allow NFT creators to build custom-made shops with a core focus on brand identity and user experience.

At Master Ventures, we are known for our ability to spot some of the best projects out there that will disrupt the status quo for certain industries. NFTify is a project that will do exactly that by providing a fresh and user-friendly Shopify-like solution to the global NFT marketplace and we are really excited to see it take off.

About NFTify

NFTify allows small businesses to create their own NFT store without coding; helps NFT authors issue NFTs easily and detect plagiarized content for copyright protection purposes; providing NFT collectors with a platform to transact at a much lower cost.

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