Why We Invested in Omni

At Master Ventures, we strive to identify and invest in blockchain ecosystem projects that we believe not only have disruptive characteristics but also have the potential to grow the industry — by bringing in new users and talent.

In line with this, we’re excited to announce that we have invested in Omni — a project that looks to leverage blockchain technology to power a secure and efficient video sharing platform with extensive social and shopping features.

Omni looks to shake up the social media model by ensuring that the creators and users are the main beneficiaries of the wealth generated by the content they generate. Unlike major social media platforms, many of which either take a large cut of revenue generated by user content or don’t reward creators at all, Omni has pledged to fairly reward users for their content and engagements.

Billed as a “Mega App”, Omni incorporates the most sought-after features of current social media applications — including the likes of YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more — and supercharges this with a fair reward ecosystem, a powerful secret chat feature, and built-in marketplace tools.

Unlike traditional social media, Omni allows users to earn rewards for both creating and engaging with content. These rewards will be paid out in the platform’s native cryptocurrency known as OMNI — a substrate-based token that will provide greater access to the Polkadot ecosystem.

As our own success has demonstrated, we understand that great products/services need great teams to succeed. It’s not enough to have an incredible offering — there needs to be an impressive team working to deliver it to users/customers and lead development along the correct lines.

This is part of the reason why we invested in Omni. The platform is backed by a heavily experienced team comprised of media professionals, software engineers, and blockchain experts, assisted by a superstar range of advisory partners (including our very own Kyle Chasse) — Omni has the right people in place to lead its growth.

With more than 50 million content creators and billions of social media users worldwide, Omni benefits from a staggering addressable market and tackles crucial pain points for many of these users — the fragmentation of social media and a lack of incentives. It leverages the latest blockchain innovations, including Substrate, NFTs, and decentralized exchanges to deliver its vision in a single powerful package — the Omni app.

About Omni

Omni is taking all the best features of the world’s hottest apps and combining them into one platform. The only app you will ever need for messaging, streaming, sharing, and interacting with content and its creators.

OMNI Coin is designed to allow users to earn profits when the company grows. The app will enable users to monetize efforts spent on their social media by allowing them to convert these efforts into redeemable coins.

Omni is pioneering the world’s first rewards-sharing app to change the universe of social media and tech forever. Its vision and mission are aligned with the company’s culture and set of core values. OMNI is bringing new power to the people.

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About Master Ventures

Master Ventures is a blockchain-focused venture studio helping to build the next generation of blockchain-based Web 3.0 system innovations within the crypto industry. Launched in 2018 by Founder and CEO Kyle Chassé, the company’s ethos can best be summarized in the acronym #BeBOLD: Benevolent, Open, Love, Decentralized.

Master Ventures co-creates with entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide to turn the best ideas into innovative and disruptive products. They do this by investing as strategic partners through offering advisory services to the projects they believe in. To date, Master Ventures has invested in over 40 crypto projects, including the likes of Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Reef, DAO Maker, Mantra DAO, Thorchain, and Elrond.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on:

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