Earlier last week, Space X’s Elon Musk, Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey, and ARK Invest Founder/CEO Cathie Wood took to YouTube to discuss the current narrative surrounding Bitcoin — including its main issues and applications.

In the talk, a number of intriguing points were made by all parties involved, which can help demystify Bitcoin and shed some light on how its shortcomings may be resolved in the near future and how Bitcoin fits into the future financial landscape.

Here, we briefly recap some of the key points made in the talk and include the analyses made by Master Ventures Founder and…

As time progresses, the capabilities and utility of blockchain technology are becoming increasingly obvious, and it has now become clear that blockchain has applications in practically every industry there is.

Ranging from supply chain management, to decentralized land and medical record registries, ultra-secure and redundant file storage, and even decentralized operating systems, blockchain is now working its way into everything — and for good reason.

With the potential to unlock dramatic improvements in security, efficiency, transparency, automation, and more, the technology is already being explored by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies — including the likes of Walmart, Exxon…

We are proud to announce our recent investment in Pera Finance, a revolutionary trading & yield farming protocol where users share 100% of the generated yields based on their contribution.

Pera also offers customizable and fully on-chain/decentralized trading competitions for the #DeFi space starting from the PERA token itself.

Yield Farming in the DeFi space

In the DeFi space, yield farming rewards are usually created to boost supply-side liquidity via unsustainable emission-based or Tx fee-based reward mechanisms. However, none of these existing DeFi protocols have a hybrid farming mechanism that also rewards the creation of demand-side liquidity.

With Pera Finance…

Earlier this week, we secured a strategic investment into PureFi — an on-chain oracle protocol and compliance gateway designed to make interacting with DeFi a safer, more attractive proposition for institutions.

As decentralized finance continues to see not only increased adoption among traditional players but also increased regulatory scrutiny, the need to properly enforce AML and KYC practices for participants continues to grow.

Until the advent of PureFi, institutional users had little to no way of adequately isolating the regulatory risks that can come with using DeFi applications — such as the risk of inadvertently handling illicit funds and interacting…

At Master Ventures, we strive to identify and invest in blockchain ecosystem projects that we believe not only have disruptive characteristics but also have the potential to grow the industry — by bringing in new users and talent.

In line with this, we’re excited to announce that we have invested in Omni — a project that looks to leverage blockchain technology to power a secure and efficient video sharing platform with extensive social and shopping features.

Omni looks to shake up the social media model by ensuring that the creators and users are the main beneficiaries of the wealth generated…

Master Ventures invests in CDzExchange, a cross-chain decentralized derivative exchange brought to you by a team of dedicated DeFi mash-up masters passionately promoting the DeFi space.

CDzExchange enables fast and low-cost swaps, liquidity mining, staking, and crypto derivatives trading that leverages the expansive cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

The value of the Crypto Derivatives Market

In recent years the crypto derivatives (CDs) market has experienced monumental growth where over US$100 billion crypto derivatives have been traded, allowing this particular market to beat traditional spot markets but also rival the daily trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange.

At Master Ventures, we…

As a $21.6 billion industry that grew by more than 7.4% in the last year alone and an industry dominated by massive streaming firms — including the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer, you might be tempted to think that the artists are in a similarly strong position for further growth.

But while it’s true that the music industry is big business, it’s the platforms that are raking in most of the profits, while the artists are frequently fleeced at every turn. …

We are proud to announce that we have made an investment into the upcoming DeFi risk market platform, Bright Union.

As an upcoming aggregator for decentralized risk coverage solutions, Bright Union aims to make taking out and investing in risk cover a standard practice among crypto users and firms.

The Need For DeFi Protection

For all its promise and potential, the cryptocurrency industry remains somewhat of a wild west for investors.

Though there are dozens of highly secure platforms and more emerging each day, many of which offer much-needed functionality, there are also a huge number of platforms that aren’t quite up to par in…

We are proud to announce our investment in Ally, a software company empowering the direct-to-consumer revolution.

Ally allows businesses to find customers, take orders, connect with delivery drivers, and manage payments without ever paying a penny in commissions.

Supply Chain Efficiency, Third-Party Marketplaces, and Unnecessary Costs

Connectivity is one of the most critical aspects of business and society in general. It is the core part of how national and international commerce structures function in order to provide a system that enables products to travel from businesses to consumers efficiently.

Today, to compete and provide a convenient and efficient user experience…

Despite the recent turbulence in the crypto market, the amount of people utilizing blockchain technology continues to grow and grow. This is most apparent in the rise of DeFi which has seen the TVL grow 88 times over in the last year. DeFi constitutes active engagement in blockchain projects. It’s a demonstration of how this bull cycle hasn’t just seen a rise in blockchain investors but blockchain participants as well.

These are the people who are vital to building a decentralized world. The people who understand the utility of each new project. …

Master Ventures

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